One of the biggest and most important part of training our puppies, is exposing them to many different things. We never really know what kind of environment they will guide in or what kind of person they will guide. Therefore, we make sure they are the most confident guide dog in every situation be exposing them to many different places, people, sounds, environments, experiences, and more! We will go going to Menlo Park Mall in Edison and focusing on their exposure!

Club members will have a check list with tasks such as "Take a picture of a puppy in a glass elevator" or "Take a picture of a puppy resting near a mannequin". Club members will be in groups and will get to work together and puppies will get to work and be exposed to many different things!

There will be a formal carpool.There is no age requirement for puppies to attend.

Date and time: 
Monday, October 15, 2018 - 4:00pm

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