To become a member of RUSEPRC, you must be an enrolled student at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  However, if you raised through RUSEPRC before attending Rutgers Graduate School or before becoming a Rutgers University Faculty or Staff Member, you may continue to raise through our club.  Please refer to our Constitution located under "Resources" for more information.

All of our club General Meetings are on Wednesdays at 8:45 PM in Bartlett Hall room 123 located on Cook Campus.

There are three levels of involvement within our club: general members, puppy sitters, and puppy raisers.

General Members

General Members come to our General Meetings and club events as they please.  There are no minimum requirements for attendance or involvement for General Members.  However, General Members are not permitted to handle our Seeing Eye Puppies in Training without the raiser being present.

Puppy Sitters

What is a Puppy Sitter?

Puppy Sitters care for our Seeing Eye puppies in training when the raisers are unable to do so.  One sitter can only sit one Seeing Eye puppy in training at a time.  Sitters can watch a dog for any amount of time (an hour to several weeks).  Sitter hours are given out by the raisers in a case-by-case basis.  Some raisers will send an email to all of the sitters asking for someone to watch their dog while others will post in our Facebook group.

While sitting a puppy, sitters can play with the puppy off-leash in their house or an on-campus puppy approved apartment, take the puppy to class with professor approval, relax in any Rutgers University building, or take the puppy into public facilities with manager approval.  There are also always happenings around campus to attend with the puppies to gain more exposure.  However, constant contact must be kept between the sitter and raiser while sitting a puppy.

To become a Puppy Sitter:

RUSEPRC Puppy Sitters must first attend three General Meetings at the beginning of a semester.  One of these meetings must be the New Sitter Lecture, which is a presentation of The Seeing Eye training methods and club rules so all sitters know how to properly handle the puppies.  Check the calendar under "Upcoming Events" to see when the meetings begin each semester and when the New Sitter Lecture is being offered.

Once the three General Meetings, a handling session, and New Sitter Lecture have been attended, the New Sitter Quiz will be administered.  The New Sitter Quiz tests your knowledge of the training methods and rules that were explained during the New Sitter Lecture.  Puppy Sitters must pass the New Sitter Quiz with a 90% or higher in order to officially be named a Puppy Sitter and receive a Puppy Sitter card.

Puppy Sitters must attend two General Meetings per calendar month and must attend two events per semester in order to maintain their sitter status.  Each Puppy Sitter must be re-certified at the beginning of each semester.  Puppy Sitter Recertification consists of the Old Sitter Quiz and a Puppy Handling portion.  The written quiz tests training methods and rules, as well as The Seeing Eye and RUSEPRC history.  Sitters do basic obedience with a puppy to ensure they can properly handle during the Puppy Handling portion of the recertification.  There is no maximum amount of sitters in RUSEPRC.

Puppy Raisers

What is a Puppy Raiser?

Puppy Raisers are responsible for one Seeing Eye puppy in training at all times throughout the duration of the Puppy Raising Project, even during finals weeks and breaks.  They must teach their puppy all approved Seeing Eye commands and house manners, provide a safe and loving home, and take the puppy to all veterinary appointments.Puppy Raisers must attend 100% of the meetings and at least 50% of the events each semester. In the occurrence that the Puppy Raiser cannot attend a meeting or event, the puppy should be sent with a sitter.

To become a Puppy Raiser:

To be considered to become a raiser, a RUSEPRC member must be a certified puppy sitter for two semesters, must have a cumulative GPA of 2.2 or greater, and must complete a Puppy Raising Interest Form, which will be supplied at every potential raiser meeting. Puppy Sitters should sit puppies of different breeds, sex, and age to gain as much experience as possible before being considered to become a Puppy Raiser. Puppy raisers are chosen collaboratively by the current puppy raisers and then must be approved by The Seeing Eye's application process.

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