One of the major components of the Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club’s mission is to raise awareness of our cause within and outside of our campus community. As such, we enjoy planning events with different groups in order to not only garner support for our club, but also to help fellow organizations in their missions. Some examples of events we partake in and/or co-sponsor and plan, are presentations for local schools/adult facilities/fellow Rutgers clubs, volunteering at local dog walks and community involvement fairs, and attending events held by our parent organization, The Seeing Eye.

If you would like to plan an event with us please contact one of our two activities coordinators, Hala Essenmacher and Haley Trimpert, at [email protected].

Please include in your email the type of event you would like to hold with RUSEPRC with possible dates as well as any organization affiliations you have.
Thank you for considering an event with our members, both two and four-legged!

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